Getting life insurance is the best investment and step to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship. Therefore, it is but fitting to find a company who will live up to their promises.

Speaking of trust, you came to the right place! You can rely on American National Life Insurance Company (ANICO).

ANICO is a stable insurance carrier with the proven track record. They are a leading name amongst the best no medical exam and final expense life insurance companies.

They may just be the right company you have been looking for!

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Where ANICO Stand out

Fast Processing

The company’s dedication and innovative products allow you to get your life insurance fast. They are one, if not the best in nonmedical exam life insurance products. As such, ANICO has non-medical exam option available to term life, whole life, and guaranteed issue life insurance. They provide you the best alternative to traditional medical exam policies. Hence, making things easy and hassle-free for you!

Accelerated Underwriting

For life insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000, American National offers accelerated underwriting, Xpress Plus. This automated underwriting is applied to all American National’s individual life insurance products. Client ages 50 and below can be covered up to $1,000,000 while those ages 51-60 can be covered up to $500,000.  

Innovative Process

ANICO has an electronic app. The great thing about this is that if everything on this app ticks out, you can do without the medical exam.

Most Affordable Rates

In rankings, American National is one of the companies with the best rates in the industry. This is true to both no medical exam and traditional medical exam policies as well. They are very consistent on being the low price leader and best service provider.

Liberal Build Chart

ANICO has a liberal build chart compared to others. This is great news for heavy people!

Great No Medical Exam Life Insurance Products

The company offers non-medical underwriting. This applies to ages 17-65 with low coverage policies up to $250,000 on most of their life insurance products.

Rate Class Improvement Program

ANICO has the most competitive and affordable rates in the industry. Here’s why. The secret lies in their Eagle Advantage Rate Class Improvement. This program looks into cases that well-deserves rate class improvement. This is available to clients age 20-60 with term/permanent coverage of $250,000 to $5,000,000. In this program, clients with health/lifestyle conditions will receive an improved health class and thus lower payments. In contrast, other companies would typically give them a lower rate.

Excels on Term, Whole Life, and Final Expense Insurance

Though they are a smaller life insurance company, they may be the perfect one for you. People can sometimes get approved here where they would not get approved elsewhere.

Liberal Underwriting on Health Conditions

ANICO is liberal on weight. And even though you may have sleep apnea, diabetes, or situational anxiety and depression – you can still enjoy best rates at American National as long as they are controlled.

Flexible Underwriting Health Criteria for Clients Above 60

Clients well above 60 are allowed higher blood pressure readings, cholesterol ratios and body mass index (BMI).


Where ANICO Needs to Step Up

No Medical Exam Rates for Diabetic Clients

ANICO may not be the best choice for diabetic clients who are looking into non-medical exam life insurance. Being overweight, most often this condition and more may come with it. However, don’t fret, if this is the case, we at HiBMI will help you reach multiple companies for you to get what you need at the BEST RATE!

Table of Contents

History and standing of American National

Financial Strength Ratings of American National

Financial Rating by A.M. Best

Financial Rating by Standard and Poor

Life Insurance Products and Services of American National

Term Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Available Riders

Final Words on ANICO

History & Standing of American National

American National Life Insurance Company was founded in 1905. W.L. Moody Jr. started it with $100,000 in the capital.

Today, the company is publicly traded and has grown exponentially. By 2017, ANICO has more than $100 billion worth life insurance in force. These figures represent over 11 million policyholders to date.

In July of the same year, American National was among Forbes’ 2017 list of “Most Trustworthy Financial Companies”.

Financial Strength Ratings of American National

American National receive strong ratings from leading rating companies

Financial rating by A.M. Best

A rating means it has an excellent condition in its finances. This shows that American National can immediately pay claims.

Financial rating by Standard and Poor’s

A rating means American National has a strong capacity to pay claims.

Customer Service Record of American National

Though they haven’t got an accreditation, their record at BBB reflects that they are trustworthy in their operations and that they will resolve customer concerns in good faith. They have 13 complaints closed in the past 3 years; 5 complaints closed in the past 12 months. The concerns were mostly product and some billing.


Life Insurance Products and Services of American National

Term Life Insurance

This policy has fixed payments and provides death benefit within the length of your term period (10, 15, 20, or 30 years). This is your best bet when you need coverage for a specific period of paying the mortgage, paying tuition and the like.

Advantages: Term has lower payments than permanent life insurance. What’s better is that you can convert this into permanent policy later.

Whole Life Insurance

This policy lasts for a lifetime. One is assured of fixed payment and benefits. In addition, this allows one to build cash value.

Universal Life Insurance

 This policy is permanent like whole life but has higher flexibility in terms of payments and coverage.

Advantages: This allows your policy to adapt to your life changes over time. Aside from flexibility in payments and benefits, loan access is also granted. Plus, this policy has great additional rider options.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

This variation has the same features as Universal Life but gives you an opportunity to earn.

Advantages: This allows you to have additional income through interest gained from the performance of particular tied stocks. Nevertheless, you have an assurance that you’ll never be negatively credited.

Credit Life Insurance

This policy can be added on top of other insurance policies. Credit life insurance provides claims that will help pay off or reduce the financial obligation of the policyholder in the event of death during the term covered.

Advantages: The amount of coverage is customized according to the loan amount and payments are included in the policyholder’s monthly loan payment. The best thing about this policy is that this provides immediate coverage and if the unexpected happens, the benefit is paid directly to the lender.

Non-Medical Exam Life Insurance

This policy allows you the benefits equivalent to traditional life insurance minus going through underwriting. However, this variation is available for lower coverage of $250,000 and below in most of ANICO’s life insurance products. Another, you also pay a higher premium compared to traditional life insurance policies with full underwriting. ANICO may just look into your Medical Information Bureau, Rx database, and Motor Vehicle Report.

Advantages: You don’t need to go through medical examination and full underwriting. As a result, qualifying and approval may only take a few minutes!

***American National also offers Annuities, Health Insurance, and Property and Casualty Insurance


Available Riders

Riders are additional coverage that you add to maximize your current policy. Available riders are as follows but not limited to:

Children’s Term: Provides life insurance protection for each child.

Waiver of Premium: Payment is stopped for the remaining period of the policy if total disability happens prior to age 60.

Chronic Illness Rider: The owner receives an accelerated benefit in the event of being cognitively impaired, or unable to do at least two ADL’s (activities of daily living).

Accelerated Death Benefit: The policyholder gets a portion of the benefit while living in the event of terminal illness diagnosis.

Terminal Illness Rider: The insured receives up to 50% of the benefit or $250,000 in the event of terminal diagnosis with less than a year to live.

***Additional riders that increase your benefit and cash value are also available.

Final Words on ANICO

We know how important this financial decision is to you and your family. We at HiBMI are happy to help you with our recommendation. Fill out the quote on this page to reach one of our unbiased underwriting experts.

Stop waiting. Let us see if ANICO is the best company to cater to your needs. However, we can also look into the 50 life insurance carriers that we have access to keep your options open for the BEST DEAL!