Best Life Insurance Companies For Overweight and Obese people [Updated for 2019]

So, What’s The Best Life Insurance Company for the OVERWEIGHT and the OBESE?

There are over a thousand life insurance companies out there that promise to get you insured in no time. But, how do you even know which life insurance company is the best for people that are overweight or obese?

We all know that people classified to be overweight, obese or morbidly obese have lesser chances of getting approved. Apart from low approvability, you might also fear being classified to health classes with ridiculously expensive premiums. So, what’s the best company for people that are overweight or obese?

Here at Hi BMI, we listed the companies that we feel can be of big help to you and your family. We have enumerated the life insurance carriers that are adept in their underwriting for high-risk approvals such as your case.  With high credit ranking and the culmination of years and years of experience, you are ensured of their ability to pay out your death benefit.

We have access to these companies, and we definitely know how easy they are to work with. Once you find the company that sounds about right, reach out to us. We will help you get in touch with them, and assist you through the entire process of getting insured.

How Did Hi BMI Come Up With These Carrier Rankings?

Every life insurance company claims to be the ”best”, and there are thousands of them! Our rankings are based on our experiences working with them through client cases, credit firm reviews, and thousands of hours put to work. After conversations with our team, we came up with a list of the most approachable life insurance companies for people that are overweight and obese.

Ease of Application

Just like you, we all hate having to fill up a 10-page form and signing a 50-page contract. Oh, we all do! While we love sniffing the papers from a good book, we just avoid it everywhere else. At Hi BMI, our filing cabinets have cobwebs, in their cobwebs. We’ve ditched the fax machine, and we never looked back since.  Not only do we love helping out families like yours, but we also love saving trees too!

Companies that rank high in this field have options for non-paper applications (whew, what a relief!). These companies also have e-delivery for policy documents. Most of them have web platforms that let applicants to pass their requirements. These requirements? Well, their attending physician’s statements and e-signature options integrated for these health statements.


Your health obviously comes with some issues, sometimes, even more medical conditions than other applicants. Your application deserves a unique look, and some companies give yours a consideration that’s better than their competitors.

For the companies that we prefer in this list, these are life insurance carriers that can be reached through a hotline. This way, it will be easiest for you to talk to their underwriter within the same day to assess your risk.

These companies give you the easiest access and are a pleasure to work with. They give you very quick quotes that assess your possible health rating. This is important for all clients looking to get approved. The faster we can get an idea about your health class, the faster we can give you accurate rates that match your health rating.

Once we get your files into the underwriting process, these exceptional life insurance companies will get it done quickly. They order and turn around the medical examination within the week.


We do not waste our time working with the companies that we cannot trust you and your family’s security and future. If we would not want to enroll in a policy there for the sake of our family, we would also not want to risk putting your policy in there too. Period.

Credibility does not mean we favor only the big life insurance carriers out there. Some of these companies may be medium-sized firms, some might have giant buildings, some might sponsor huge events. Meanwhile, some of these carriers might be smaller, well-capitalized life insurance firms. Some of these carriers might even be in the business for over a century and just don’t advertise themselves.

The three key metrics Hi BMI used to rate these companies’ reputation score are:

Financial Capability

Hi BMI ranked these companies from ratings based on agencies. Also, we researched on these carriers’ ability to pay death benefits and claims- and we are glad that they really can give you the end of the bargain.

Company Heritage

Well, this obviously means that the longer the years they are in the business, the better. Many of these companies have survived the two world wars and have defied even more tough times such as the Great Depression and multiple economic recessions.

Only the most resilient companies have ended up in this list, and you are assured how they stand the test of time and circumstance.

Customer Service Experience

How easy it is for you to speak to a customer service representative without being put on hold for a very long time? How quickly do these companies pay their claims once you decided that you need to withdraw money? How easy it is for you to access their website and get to speak to someone that will assist you?


Well, at face value, a 30-year term policy at a reputable life insurance carrier will be the same 30-year level term policy from another credible firm. These policies might have the same length of time to cover you, but they are entirely different- from the benefits to the price.

Companies that ace this category have better than average features that are offered within their policies. Some of these benefits can be living benefits for people suffering front terminal illnesses and great term conversion options, shall you decide to ‘upgrade’ your policy.

Also, these companies provide ancillary benefits rewarding your policyholders.

These life insurance carriers also receive high marks for having an advanced product portfolio that is well above the industry standards. Extra credits are given to companies with different variations for permanent and term life insurance products that are tailored-fit to specific health classes. These companies have the capability to serve clients during different phases of their lives.


Anything that ditches an applicant out of the standard rates are considered ‘’high risk’’. People that are overweight and obese are already considered to be high-risk cases. This is because most people that are overweight or obese develop other conditions, and have their diabetes worsened. In your case, you are considered to be prone to heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Companies that score high in this area will quote you favorably even if you are considered high-risk. This goes even if you are found to be morbidly obese. With these, they will be able to classify you into the health class you belong to. They will listen to reason and will be underwriting your files humanely without charging you extra zeros.


These companies are sitting at the top of their game and are all exceptional in their own way. However, this list comes in no particular order.

But why can’t we tell you who is the best of them all?

Companies do have different underwriting principles. One condition, such as being obese, weighing 176 pounds and standing 5’’10 might be okay with Company A but not approvable with Company B. These companies do change their underwriting principles, so it’s important to get insured now while they are still lenient.

If a life insurance carrier is taking higher than average death risk on a health issue, it will be tough for them to raise their premium rates. To change the costs of their life insurance policies, it must be a difficult and painstaking process. These life insurance carriers still need to file with all of the states they operate in, and this procedure takes a lot of time and effort.

To change their underwriting guidelines, it only requires to send a memo across the departments in within their company. This is why underwriting guidelines change all the time, making it quite a factor that we do not rank these companies.

Bottom line is, once you work with a licensed underwriting expert from any of these life insurance carriers, you will be able to get insured of a policy enough to cover the needs of you and your family.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top life insurance companies for overweight and obese individuals.


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Ease of Application- This company has e-applications that are made available in multiple ways from their website. They do not have tele-applications, plus, their e-signature process can be a little difficult.

Turnaround time is impressively quick for pre and post application. In some cases, American National will forego the medical examination for applicants.

Company credibility-  American National is not really widely-recognized in the general market. They do not really advertise as traditional companies do. Well, one thing is for sure. They are well-regarded by life insurance professionals.  These guys are extremely easy to work with. American National is well-capitalized. They have received an impressive A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), an A from A.M. Best and an Aa2 from Moody’s.

Product Selection and Flexibility- American National showcases a broad variation of term and permanent life insurance products. Their universal life policy sits on the top tier of the market. Lastly, this company offers great term conversion options too.

They are warm to accept high-risk policies but prefer to deal in lower face amounts.

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John Hancock takes their life insurance applications by an e-application processor via a hotline. JH’s turnaround time is exceptionally quick. A rapid quote is expected to be back within just one business day.

Company reputation? They are well regarded throughout the entire United States. With an A+ from A.M. Best and an AA- from Moody’s.

John Hancock boasts one of the best product lineups in the entire business with multiple options for both term and permanent policies. John Hancock’s vitality plan makes them an industry trendsetter, adding a unique layer to their wide-range of products.

There are cases wherein you can find less expensive options than JH. However, their competitive edge is their proprietary underwriting criteria for certain conditions just as being overweight or obesity. These criteria are better than the rest of their competitors. In addition, John Hancock uses multiple underwriting reinsurance manuals that assures the clients get the best health class for them.

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Application for life insurance from Banner is lightning-fast as they have a solid E-application process. If you hate writing your personal information on a 10-page paper, you won’t have to worry about it here.

Turnaround time takes quite a while. The good side is, they have a very responsive application in their website to submit the application. Once you have successfully applied, Banner acts quickly in inputting requirements. They are prompt in turning around after assessment and offering a decision.

Banner Life Insurance was founded since April 21, 1862. They have the utmost capacity paying their claims.

Product selection from Banner Life Insurance receives high regards for their term life insurance policies. Meanwhile, their permanent life insurance products might need more help.

Banner Life Insurance handles high-risk cases well. Their prices are competitive for better health class for substandard health classes, making them one of the most lenient companies out there. Banner gives options to table credit, which gives the applicant better pricing.

In fact, Banner ends up on the top 3 cost-efficient life insurance carriers that cater to high-risk cases.

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Prudential Life accepts applications via the e-application process. However, they have yet to integrate their tele-application process. heir turn around time for rapid quotes and application needs a little work. But, Prudential will give a decision in a few days after a full file in underwriting has been presented.

Prudential Life has a commendable company reputation. With an A+ from A.M Best and Fitch, and A1 from Moody’s, this company is both well-recognized and well-funded. There are occasional bad reviews left on its channels, but, it is perfectly understandable for a company this huge. They have lots of testimonials proving customer satisfaction.

Prudential’s product selection is one of the highly-regarded assortment out there. Becoming one of the most versatile life insurance carriers out there, they have a product for every almost every customer need. However, their conversion option on their term products might need a little improvement. Prudential has some particularly younger options as young as the age of 65. Their competitors allow the convertibility feature all the way up to the age of 70.

Prudential has been dealing with high-risk conditions for over a century and published a book specifically about high-risk underwriting. They also invest a significant amount of manpower to handle these special cases effectively. Prudential performs well in handling cases of people with heart disease and excess weight.

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Mutual Of Omaha has a very smooth-sailing application process. They accept e-applications. For some of their life insurance products, they require phone interview after a successfully-filed e-application. The best catch? You can get same-day approvals. Sweet, isn’t it?

Their turnaround time for pre and post application can still be improved.

Their company reputation is widely known across the entire country. Clients from a certain age remember the show ‘’Wild Kingdom’’ that was sponsored by the Mutual of Omaha. With over 110 years in business, you are sure that your claims will be paid out. With an A+ from A.M. Best and an A1 from Moody’s, this company stood through the test of time.

They have easy-to-comprehend products that cover most of your family’s needs. They have an impressive array of term, low-limit products. We also like their low-limit whole life and accidental death policies.

Mutual of Omaha is better than other life insurance carriers in handling high-risk cases. Their underwriters are easily accessible and will listen to a good case summary. In addition, they have multiple underwriting manuals to assist them in finding the best premium rates for their clients.

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Ease of application is entirely a breeze, with multiple ways to apply for life insurance from Protective.

Turnaround time is the fastest carrier Hi BMI works with. They can have it all sorted out and prepared in 21 days. This timeframe is a highly-commendable turnaround time for a fully-underwritten file. Plus, you can get in touch with an underwriter in a minute.

Company reputation is tested with 120 years of history, presenting a seamless customer service with different channels. An A+ from A.M. Best and Fitch, and an A2 from Moody’s, Protective gives you a promising service.

Product selection is a great lineup. It comes with a permanent policy catering to an infinite number of possibilities. Also, it helps you customize your life insurance policy to your specific needs. Protective offers term policies with flexible options. Lastly, you can always continue your policy past the expiration of your level term.

The best thing about Protective is their leniency in taking high-risk cases and their affordable pricing.

You can learn more about Protective Life Insurance here.


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The application process is easy since they have multi-channel servicing. However, turnaround time is not as good as other companies. It takes longer to get in touch with an underwriter for the pre-application process.

AIG has a very good company reputation, as they are one of the largest insurers present in the US market. Rated Baa1 by Moody’s and A by A.M. Best, and has $200 billion in assets, AIG is held in high esteem for paying out claims.

Their product portfolio is one of the widest selections present in the market. AIG holds great strides in the guaranteed issue market, boasting their no-fuss, no drama policies. American International can effectively deal with high-risk policies as they price based on their

Standard Plus health ratings were given to high-risk cases such as obese and overweight individuals. Rates can range around 15%-25%, significantly lower than most other life insurance carriers.

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Ease of application for level term life insurance is a-ok as they have e-applications available.

For Forester’s final expense product, phone applications are made available in some states.

You can get the chance to talk to an underwriter immediately, while the post-application turn around time is rated average.

Forester’s has been in the business over 135 years ago and managed 1.4 billion dollars in assets for their life insurance clients back in 2013. That same year, they managed 141 million dollars, all accumulated by the gross written insurance premium. They received an A- from A.M. Best, an excellent rating for financial capacity and dependability.

Forester’s product selection is above average. However, their permanent life insurance selections need a little work.

Though they could place high-risk policies, some life insurance carriers are a bit better than them.

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E-applications are available for applicants. Sadly, they do not have tele-apps.

Turn around time is slower on the front end for Lincoln Financial. It will take a few days for them to return a rapid quote. The good news is, once a full file is already in the underwriting process, they perform faster than average.

Lincoln needs improvement in their product selection. However, their product portfolio fits the bill for most clients and their life insurance needs at a competitive price. Lincoln does not entirely underwrite a term policy that’s less than the limit of $250,000. For those looking for a lower amount for overweight or obese individuals, Hi BMI choses another company for them.

Lincoln Financial has a commendable service in placing high-risk policies and openly considers high-risk cases. When every other life insurance company says ‘no’, Lincoln Financial says ‘yes!’. They get the business done, and they are good at it.

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Finding the life insurance package that best serves your interest and your beneficiaries’ needs starts with working with the most credible independent agent. Hi BMI is dedicated to helping you find that carrier that suits your standards.

With our access to dozens of highly-regarded, top-tier life insurance carriers, you are sure that you are in good hands. We can shop for the best policies that apply to your condition and your expected health class. Hi BMI can help you qualify for term life insurance, no-exam policies and guaranteed life insurance even if you have been declined a hundred times before!

You don’t have to think twice. Give us a call or fill out an online quite. Our most approachable professional underwriting team are here to assist you in finding the perfect company for you and your beloved family.

We care for you and your family just like our own.