Looking for life insurance? You sure do. That’s why you are here.

Well, GEICO Life Insurance does ring a bell. You might be able to relate to this as many people have a policy with Geico.

We can’t deny that they are one of the most popular life insurance providers in the industry. Why have they kept the lead? Here are the reasons why they are where they’re at!

It is easy to apply for and it can be done online or over the phone in a short time.

They sure are the trusted company when you are looking for car insurance. Why not? Saving 15 percent or more at GEICO is just simply irresistible!

Aside from that, applying for a policy at Geico is fast and easy. It is conveniently done either online or by phone

But in terms of life insurance, do they have the same performance and customer experience? Are they still the right company for you?

Let’s take a deeper look at Geico and the life insurance they offer for overweight people. Will they be a fit for you? You will find that out and more in this review that we have prepared for you.

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History of GEICO

Lillian and Leo Goodwin started the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) in 1936. GEICO was created to primarily to offer life insurance to government and military employees.

Over a span of ten years, the company was joined by Lorimer Davidson, an investment banker. He was the significant figure that took the company to the next level.

It was way back in 1960 where they hit their 1 million policyholder mark. And in 1965 respectively, they got their $150 million in premiums.

Through the years, the company advanced. They climbed the ranks and is now one of the most sought after life insurance provider in America. But despite their accomplishments, they continue to make adjustments in their policies (one we will tackle later) to provide the best coverage.

Fast facts about GEICO’s Life Insurance

GEICO might be one of the most popular life insurance providers in the United States but they won’t be listed among the best insurance companies in the United States.

Here’s the thing. Geico doesn’t even sell life insurance policies. Instead, they forward your information to their partner, Life Quote.

Life Quote does not offer life insurance either. It is an independent insurance agency who operates with multiple carriers. Simply said, they just help you search.

So, if you visit Geico’s official website and look into life insurance, you will be redirected to the Life Quote website. Then, a Life Quote agent will be working with you as they manage the leads from Geico.

Why would GEICO outsource when they are the third largest auto insurance company?

It’s pretty simple. They may have the influence and manpower, yet selling auto insurance is way different than that of life insurance.

You see, it’s easier to quote a vehicle rather than quote a person given health conditions and other factors. The underwriter must be knowledgeable on health to give accurate quotes, pick the niche company, and the perfect policy. Not to mention any added riders and options. In addition, life insurance quotes take a longer time than auto insurance.

But with the expertise of underwriters at Hi BMI, we can directly bring your case to the life insurance carrier that best favors it. Thus, makes turnaround time faster and give you the best rate in the market.

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A Closer Look: Getting Life Insurance at Geico via Life Quote

If we want to know about life insurance at GEICO, we really mean getting to know Life Quote if we want to see a clear picture of how things are.

There are pros and cons with Life Quote handling GEICO’s life insurance. You just have to weigh if it’s worth the risk.

What I’m saying here is if you are keen enough, you’d have read Geico’s disclaimer on their website. They have clearly implied that they have no control over Life Quotes Inc. Therefore, they will not hold themselves accountable for the practices or complaints to Life Quote Inc. to be exact. Let’s cut the chase – bottom line, you’ll be on your own.

Is this set up okay with you?

If NOT, we at Hi BMI can help you find the company most fit for you. We connect you with a life insurance provider which will take full responsibility to matters relating to your policy. Plus, we get you the best rates having direct access to multiple carriers. We put YOU and YOUR FAMILY first!


Life Quote is a life insurance broker that operates in a call center-like process and workforce. The company generates about 750 leads daily. Then, their inside salespeople contact the leads and complete applications.

This company is quite tough when it comes to hitting goals. In order to accomplish such, they do things pretty much fast-paced than traditional life insurance. With this, the major disadvantage would be the possibility that your application will be done in a hurried manner or worse, get lost!

Going back, the company’s major concern is “hitting goals”. This too can be a major disadvantage.  What it really translates is that they focus more on “reaching sales targets” rather than great client experience and taking time to get the best rates.

Is that what you want to do in this case? Send your information to a high-pressure call center to get a life insurance plan?

We at Hi BMI take our time to give you the best possible options for the best coverage and best use of your hard-earned money.


Is Getting Life Insurance Easy at Geico via Life Quote?

Sales Quotas and Speed are important factors in this company. Well, there shouldn’t be any problem when you are healthy. It is faster and easier to quote a young and healthy client. However, in their fast-paced environment, you may not get the best company and policy from them when:

  • you are not that young with a pre-existing medical condition;
  • overweight
  • wanting to build cash value alongside your policy

You see, different companies have different underwriting guidelines. The more factors that affect the well-being of a person like the ones mentioned above as well as location, occupation, driving history, behavior and so on, the more difficult it is to rate and value.

But the hack is to go to the right company that favors your health condition. Knowing the right companies to send the case saves a lot of time, effort and most of all MONEY!

Because, when companies are not good at rating a particular condition – they may charge a steep rate or may decline your application.

Hi BMI through the years knows life insurance companies really well. We’ll SAVE you a GREAT DEAL!


Is Geico the right company for you?

We have given you some important points regarding getting life insurance at Geico. It’s up to you to decide.

Well, don’t take our word for it. Give it a try!

Get a quote from both Geico and Hi BMI. We’ll be more than happy to give you better well-thought options and best rates.

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