John Hancock Life Insurance – Reviewed in 2019 for overweight people

Is John Hancock the best life insurance choice for overweight clients?

Absolutely. Not only does John Hancock offer nothing the top of the line insurance products! But they also have great product offerings even if you are not in the best shape and health.

John Hancock provides you just the right product for your health status. They are most known for offering competitive rates to people with riskier health status. In fact, John Hancock receives an excellent rating for covering patients with health ailments and conditions. And most of all, they top the ranks!

Well, this company has more for you. As a matter of fact, they go an extra mile not only to protect you and your loved ones but in your journey toward a better and healthier you!

There’s no question that John Hancock is one of the largest and most highly-regarded company in the life insurance community. However, YOU are our PRIORITY.

We at heart life insurance have prepared a full cover review of John Hancock Life Insurance. See if they are the right fit for you.

Where Does John Hancock Excel over Others on Life Insurance for Overweight Clients?

John Hancock has a broad array of life insurance products that not only cater your health needs and budget, but REWARDS YOU as well.

A wide array of life insurance products and services

JH offers wide opportunities to find rates that take into account your health status and finances. Thereby, allows them to create a policy that best fits YOU.

Innovative products and services.

They are the first to offer A Vitality Program that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Clients ages 20-70 are eligible to take part. This program is jam-packed with perks:

  1. You’ll get some discount on life insurance policies!
  2. You’ll earn points as you do activities in the program that you can use for entertainment and travel. The company has partnered with the biggest names in the entertainment and travel industry.
  3. Pay lower as you push health higher and longer.
  4. Sends you a Fitbit device that you wear to track your hours of sleep and steps daily.
  5. Get an Apple iWatch for as little as $25 if you are an iPhone owner!

What a better way to monitor that you’ve kept your healthy habits for the entire year conveniently! Just the right motivation to achieve your weight goals and a fitter YOU!

Competitive rates

John Hancock is known for offering competitive rates over others for clients with certain health conditions. It is because they consider your health condition in getting you a policy that fits your lifestyle.

Convenient application and fast approval process

They offer a user-friendly electronic application where some other companies lack. Hence, faster processing with less-hassle!

Great high-risk underwriting

They offer better deals in weight conditions, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack and family history.

Solid footing

JH pays out over $2.3 billion claims per year. Consequently, you can be confident that they will be around many years into the future to pay out claims.

Great Customer Service

John Hancock is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. They have 0.14 NAIC complainant ratio in 2017.  They may have negative reviews and complaints but are below average figures.  They are among the top largest life insurance carriers that provide great customer experience.

***The NAIC complaint ratio is a ratio of complaints received by the company to the total premium written in a calendar year. 1 is the average complaint ratio. Below 1 means fewer complaints are received than average. In contrast, above 1 means higher complaints are received than average.

Conversion to permanent or universal life policy before it turns 10 is free

Before 10th anniversary of your term policy, JH allows conversion at NO CHARGE! What’s better is that your eligibility for conversion is not affected by any health conditions. This does not have bearing even though this may have developed during the term period.

One of the highest non-med coverage limits available

Up to $1 million non-med coverage limit.



Where Does John Hancock Have to Step Up More?

Like any company, John Hancock is just one of many.

  • Don’t offer every option. There are options that are offered in others that they don’t. In the same way, they have offerings that may not be in others.
  • May look at a case differently compared to others

They aren’t always the best priced. They may treat a case differently as do others. They may rate two similar cases differently as well. This same case is held true with other life insurance companies as well. Underwriting guidelines vary from one company to another. Likewise, health and age are important determinants of rates in a case to case basis.

So Is John Hancock the right company for you?

They may be. While this may be true, you need an expert to advise. Reach one of our underwritings experts to know if John Hancock is the perfect fit.

In as much as we love working with John Hancock, we want the best company that works for you.

We at HiBMI value YOU above everything else. We want you to get the best deal. With that we are here to help. Tap the button below or go to the quote request form on this post.


Table of Contents

What are the history and current standing of John Hancock Insurance?

What are the Financial Strength Ratings of John Hancock?

Financial Rating by A.M. Best

Financial Rating by Fitch

Financial Rating by Standard and Poor

Financial Rating by Better Business Bureau

What are Insurance Products, Rates and Services of Banner Life?

Term Life Insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance


John Hancock Vitality No Medical Exam Product

How to Get the Best Rates?

What is the History and Current Standing of John Hancock Life Insurance?

John Hancock was founded in 1862. It was named after the great American Revolution Leader, John Hancock who signed the Declaration of Independence.

In 2003, Manulife Financial Corp. bought the company for $10.4 billion dollars. Manulife is a leading financial services group based in Canada operating in Canada and Asia.

John Hancock offers retirement plan services, college savings plans, long-term insurance and mutual bonds on top of life insurance.

Today, this company is one of the largest life insurance companies with excellent life insurance plans and ratings! They have received numerous awards and recognition.

They brought home the bacon on being awarded as the Most Innovative Insurer in 2013 during the Insurance Innovation Awards. Indeed, they are good at what they do being hailed as the Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness by the National Association for Business Resources.

In Forbes, they ranked third in the category of Banking and Financial Services.

As of March 31, 2017, assets under management and administration by Manulife and its subsidiaries were estimated at US $754 billion. Has $4,244,125 premiums written as of 2017.

What are the Financial Strength Ratings of John Hancock?

John Hancock takes pride in its excellent credit worth and superior financial reputation.

Financial Ratings by A.M. Best

A+ rating means it is superior in its operational and financial performance. It’s the top rating of A.M. Best.

Financial Ratings by Moody

A1 rating means this company has stability in its finances.

Financial Ratings by Fitch

AA- rating means it is very strong in performance and cash reserves.

Financial Ratings by Standard and Poor

AA- rating means it is very strong in terms of funds and keeps their promises or obligations.

Financial Rating by Better Business Bureau

A+ rating means that it is operating in a trustworthy manner and makes a good faith effort to resolve any client complaints. Having this rating means the company got 97-100 points over 100, definitely a top rank!


What are the Insurance Products and Services of John Hancock?

John Hancock gives you the best at what they do to give you the best products and services for your financial planning.

Term Life Insurance

Edge: lower cost

Duration: temporary coverage (10, 15 or 20 years)

Suited for: replacing lost income, providing funds for college tuition, covering short-term debts, and paying off the mortgage

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Edge: permanent, grows with you

Suited for: providing additional income, protecting your business, building retirement income, and legacy for loved ones left behind.


Indexed Universal Life Insurance (provide additional opportunity to build cash value),

Variable Universal Life Insurance (provide greater opportunity to build cash value from various investment options)

Final Expense Insurance

Edge: payments never go up; coverage never changes for a lifetime.

Suited for: covering medical bills, debts, funeral, and burial expenses

Riders (coverage that you can add to your existing policy at additional cost)

Disability Waiver Rider

Long-Term Care

Accelerated Death Benefit

Unemployment Protection

John Hancock Vitality No Medical Exam Product

Edge: payments can go down, benefits can get even better!

Suited for: people who can stick to healthy habits

**Note: The rate is based in part on the level achieved by the client. There is a health point system for healthy habits like watching health videos, exercising, visiting the doctor regularly and so on.

Clients who keep earning points will move up in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Level. Inversely, their rates will go down.

Process: Instead of going under the needles, they will look into your Medical Information Bureau, Rx database and Motor Vehicle Report. The decision takes around 2-7 days.

How to Get the Best Rates?

Stop waiting. Fill out the quote found on this page to reach one of our underwriting experts at Heart Life Insurance. We help you choose the right life insurance product and get the most affordable price. We always have YOU in mind.

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