Life Insurance for Big Boned or Muscular People, Get AFFORDABLE Premiums Here!

Are you Big Boned or Muscular?

Are you heavy, but you are convinced that you are not overweight? Do you work out on the gym to build up a lean body structure, but still measure like you have excess weight? Big boned and muscular individuals can get their life insurance, and you sure can get it for the right price!

If you are big boned but do not have a heart condition or any health issues, and you have a good health history plus a healthy lifestyle, you’re in for the best rates. If you are not a smoker and eating right with well-managed blood sugar levels and blood pressure, you have a chance to qualify for the best premiums.

Research found out that 41% of people who are shopping for life insurance said that life events made them decide to purchase one. But, what brings you here? Probably one thing, keeping your family financially secure after you pass away.

If you want to protect your family from unpayable debts, days without having enough money to carry on, and losing their beloved family home, then you must get insured. If you are the family breadwinner and even if you are helping your spouse increase your household income, you definitely need to get insured to secure your family’s future.

We at Hi BMI are dedicated to helping you reassure your family that life will be as good as it is once you get to the other side.

Why Must I Purchase A Life Insurance?

To Replace Income

If you have an income-dependent spouse, or anyone in your family is unable to provide financially, this is the best way to keep them thriving. Term life insurance will help your family ‘regain’ the lost income after you pass away. How much does your family need to make in order to live a comfortable life after your death? Can your spouse still send your children to college after you die? Can your family still keep your family home? Will they be able to have weekend barbecues and movie times? If you think that they will be losing a lot of monetary capacity after your unexpected death, this is the primary reason why you should get insured.

Avoiding Hefty Taxes

Do you have a business that’s dominating its market? Do you have a high net worth? Purchasing life insurance will help you cut costs while avoiding the huge estate taxes. Business and real estate needs loads of cash to be financed. The fact that real estate and businesses need finance for the regular upkeep and expenses makes it clear that life insurance can help your family fend for them. Life insurance for big boned people helps your family shoulder the expenses when finding a credible business successor or looking for someone to buy your estate.
The death benefit that they will be receiving can fend off for the bills and miscellaneous expenses while the are in the process of selling your business or estate. This way, your loved ones would not need to sell it in a ‘’bargain price’’ and get a top-dollar deal.

Leaving A Legacy

No, you do not have to own a multi-million business, a yacht or some huge monument to remind everybody that you have done great things with your life. Life insurance does it for you and saves you all the worries of what your family will be after you pass away. Getting insured means leaving money for your spouse, children or your favorite charity while avoiding huge taxes. With life insurance, you can pass dollars along without the probate. Proceeds are usually tax-free if you have been insured. Your family can use life insurance to pay off huge debts. With the help of life insurance, you can send your children to school without a huge debt from education loan. You can also pay out the remaining credit debt or pay the remainder of your car loan. Lastly, there’s no better feeling than your life insurance being able to pay your mortgage completely. With life insurance for big boned people like you, you can definitely keep your family home where all your memories are made!

I Want To Get Insured, What Can I Do To Get Affordable Rates?

Well, not all life insurance companies use the same build charts. Life insurance carriers use different height and weight charts to classify applicants into their respective health ratings. Some companies might charge you a bigger amount of premium than the other. This is why it is important to work with an independent agent. We at Hi BMI can shop for the best life insurance provider to find the best policies with the best premiums rates. We find the best policy that fits you and your family’s needs, matching it with your budget.
Life insurance for muscular people is not a rare case with us, and we can definitely help you get insured!

State Nothing But The Truth

Before you get approved of life insurance, you will be undergoing a process. The first step of this process is an interview. Life insurance for muscular people consists of the same sets of questions given to all applicants. The interview will be covering questions regarding your personal information, medical history, lifestyle and smoking habits. Be sure to be honest in this process specifically if you are asked about your medical history, diagnosis and your family history. In the event of you lying about the real state of your medical condition and the medications you are taking, you might have discrepancies found in your medical examination. This can lead to you paying a higher premium or being declined.

Be sure to bring your doctor’s prescription so it will help the underwriters assist the health class you must be classified in.

Beware of A Huge Drop In Your Weight

If the life insurance carrier finds out that you have lost more than 10 pounds within a 12-month span, they add back up half of the weight you have shed.
Let’s say that you are around 160 pounds about 12 months ago. By the time you have undergone the examination, the examiner found out that you have lost 12 pounds. Now, he or she will add back up the weight you have lost. The underwriter will then classify you into a life insurance health class where your listed weight fits.

Losing about 2-3 pounds before the date of your medical examination is alright. Best to watch out your calorie intake so you can proactively avoid the increase in your blood pressure and your blood cholesterol. It is, however, a bad idea for you to do sudden intermittent fasting or take some laxatives to put off weight.

Prep Yourself Up For Your Scheduled Medical Exam

You will be reminded to eat nothing about 8-12 hours before the examination. No matter how you want it, do not exercise on the day of the exam. Exercise can boost your blood pressure, and if you have white coat anxiety, it may worsen your blood pressure level. This can result to you being classified to a health rating for people with hypertension.

Make sure you eat means that are rich in vitamins- grains, whole wheat, leafy vegetables, coconut kefir and the so-called micro-veggies. You might want to stay away from cigarettes, as no company will classify you into a health class with affordable premium if you are a smoker. Stay away from liquor as early as possible so you can ace your medical exam’s blood work. Keep in mind to avoid doing tiring activities on the day of the exam. Another old school suggestion, get some full sleep a night before your exam.

Find A Trustworthy Independent Agent

Well, there are thousands of life insurance carriers out there that promises you the bed of roses just for you to buy insurance from them. It’s an age-old marketing practices. What you don’t know is, these agencies will charge you top-dollar for the life insurance policy you will be purchasing from them. Your bill, comprises of the agent’s commission. No wonder why we have clients that are surprised of the quick quote we give them!

Working with an independent agent helps you cut unimaginable costs. Independent agents like Hi BMi can shop your applications to bring you nothing but the perfect match of your ideal policy. With our access to hundreds of top-rated life insurance carrier, you are assured that we are working with great people. We find you the most credible company that best suits your interest and your family’s need. We always put you, and your family first.

Do Not Your Family To A Great Risk

Imagine your family’s Tuesday if you die on Monday. Will they able to carry on a good life once you pass away? The best time to purchase life insurance is now, while you are the youngest you can get and probably, the healthiest. The life insurance for muscular people do have great guarantees, and some companies are lenient even if you have high-risk activities that you usually engage in.

Putting off your purchase for the hopes of getting a ‘better’ or a ‘more affordable’ rate is not a good idea. We know that death is universal, and it strikes anytime. We have lots of clients that have tried putting off their life insurance purchase and end up in the worst case scenario- passing away without ever having the chance to be insured. Do not let this happen to your family. Secure their future now, and sleep soundly at night knowing that they will be just fine after you die.

Hi BMI will help you get approved and will walk you through the entire process. We value our clients like we value the members of our own family. Get a quote from us and expect a fast turnaround.

We help you because we care about you and your family like ours.