Life Insurance For The Obese and Morbidly Obese: Get Approved Right Away!

Obese or Morbidly Obese? Get APPROVED right away.

Purchasing life insurance for normal and healthy people can be a breeze.

The common misconception though, is that, obese people cannot get the right life insurance for them for many reasons. The fear for paying costly premiums and the long waiting time to get approved only to find out that you’ve been declined makes people put off their decision to get insured.

Obesity has been one of the most concerning health risks. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that the prevalence of obesity sits in 39.8%. 93.3 million of US adults are diagnosed to be obese, incurring $147 billion annual medical cost back in 2008.

People who have obesity tend to spend approximately $1, 429 more than those people with normal weight. BUT, it’s not the same case with finding the best life insurance policy that suits your needs. Little did you know that even overweight people can find their ideal policy with a premium that suits their budget. We at Hi BMI specialize in high-risk cases, and we definitely can help you with that.

Although your weight might affect your approval rating, working with an independent agent like us will help you find the right insurance policy that best serves you and your family’s interest.

The Truth About Life Insurance For Obese Individuals

Obesity can potentially lead to numerous health risks conditions that can be red flags for some insurance company.  The chances of developing a heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and even cancer are all linked to excess weight. If you are overweight, you might have high blood pressure and blood glucose. This can strain your heart and your bones.

An individual with a BMI of 25 up to 29.9 is considered to be overweight, while BMIs ranging from 30 above is obese. If you’ve reached around 40, you are categorized to be morbidly obese. Don’t be frantic, we can shop for the best life insurance policies from different carriers, helping you save thousands.

Can I Still Get Affordable Life Insurance Even If I’m Obese?

The answer is a big YES.  Same goes even if you are morbidly obese.

Though your weight might be excess, you can still get life insurance that won’t cost you the earth. If you’ve been denied by other life insurance companies due to excess weight or just can’t find a policy that suits your needs, Hi BMI can help you find the right one- for the best price!

If you’ve been denied by other life insurance companies due to excess weight or just can’t find a policy that suits your needs, Hi BMI can help you find the right one- for the best price!

Here are the five health ratings you might be classified to


    1. Preferred Plus- Only 10% of applicants make it to this top-tier of all health ratings. This preferred plus is also coined preferred elite, super preferred or preferred-select, If you are These individuals are free of any health issues that life insurance carriers are raising their red flags to. Given that these people have optimal health, they enjoy the cheapest premium among health classes.
    2. Preferred-  People that are qualified for this health class are still of great health, with only a few minor issues that are still a bit manageable like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Slight increase in glucose levels is still allowable in this health rating.
    3. Standard Plus- If you have a good health but is found to be overweight, or you are reviewed to have some health conditions in your family tree, you will likely end up in this rating.
    4. Standard- People that are classified into this health class has the normal life expectancy. Minor issues such as blood pressure and blood glucose can be seen, while most of these individuals take medications for maintenance.




Sub-Standard Class

Life insurance for obese and morbidly obese individuals with health issues will likely end up in this health class. While you might be diagnosed with health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, a history of heart attack or stroke, or any other terminal illness, you can be approved under sub-standard class. This might be a little costlier than all other health ratings, but the right independent agent can find you the policy that fits your budget. We at Hi BMI can shop for the most affordable life insurance policy you, so you can secure your family’s future by the time of your passing.

Do you have a complicated medical background? Have you been given a DUI? Do you love risky hobbies or are you working in a hazardous profession? People that answer yes to these questions will be classified to this health rating. Individuals who smoke or has a history of alcoholism and drug abuse also ends up in this health rating.

In case people receive a substandard health rating due to the nature of his or her occupation, life insurance carriers might still reconsider insuring them in a lower health class if they have ceased engaging into high-risk activities. If the applicant has chronic health issues that are unmanageable by simple take-home medications, they will be having a hard time to be reconsidered to another health class.

I’d Like To Get Insured. How Do I Start?

If you’ve been trying to get insured but receive constant declines on your application, keep on reading.

Not all life insurance use the same standards of measuring your BMI and classifying you for premiums. In fact, if you weight around 30, some carriers might not even consider you to be obese. If you’re a non-smoker who regularly visits your doctor and have not had any manifestations of any serious conditions- you might as well ditch the weighing scale!


Acing Your Interview

The key to passing the interview is to see a doctor first.

Since obesity is a known factor in getting life-threatening illnesses, it would be taken against you if you don’t have enough medical attention. The underwriter may find you to be in a higher risk because of the lack of professional care. Therefore, it is important to attend your check-up schedules and strictly follow your doctor’s prescription.

During your interview, you will be asked series of questions. This can be your:

– Personal Information

– Medical history

– Medications you are taking

-Changes in your weight from the past 12 months

– Issues with your mobility

– The date of your last doctor appointment and the prescriptions

– Test results from any medical tests you’ve undergone from the previous year

Here are 5 quick tips to help you save tons on purchasing a life insurance.

1. Do Not Lie on Your Interview

It’s a big no-no to fabricate information. Lying about your weight and your medical conditions and finding a different statement from your medical exam can incur you more costs.

It is best to bring your doctor’s prescriptions and notes. Don’t forget to bring with you a record of the tests you’ve undergone for the past 12 months. If you’ve had any surgery done or you are diagnosed with a certain disease, do not be afraid to state it.

Honest to goodness applies to be the first rule in saving up for your life insurance premium.

2. Choose To Work With An Independent Agent

There’s a sea of life insurance carriers you can choose from, and they’re all over the internet, all competing to get customers.

If you want the best bang for your buck, it’s a great idea to stay away from agencies that will sell you their own insurance products. These will give you ridiculously-priced premiums, and you’ll be surprised that you can find almost the same policy when you’ve worked with an independent agent. We are not here to get some commission after every closed deal, and that’s what sets our prices apart from agencies. Hi BMI can help you shop your applications from different carriers so you can find a policy premium that suits your budget. With our access to dozens of top-rated life insurance providers, you can find a deal that’s worth your time and your money.

3. Do Not Attempt To Reduce Weight All At Once

No, it does not work that way like it is in America’s Biggest Loser.

If the life insurance provider you are applying for finds out that you’ve flushed around 10 pounds or more in the past twelve months, they’ll just add back half of the weight you’ve lost. If you previously weighed around 170 lbs a year ago, and you’ve lost around 14 lbs by that date you’ve had the medical examination. Some companies will opt to add back up the 7 lbs you’ve lost and will still classify you to the class where your old weight belongs.

Losing a few pounds about 2-3 weeks before the date of your medical examination is alright. Be sure to monitor your calorie intake. Watching out on the calories will help you avoid the increase in your blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Don’t go the extra mile just to lose weight. Acts like self-starvation, intermittent fasting and using laxatives are not advisable. If you want to shed a few lbs before the date of your medical examination, read here 

If you happen to lose weight in the future, you’ll always have the possibility to reapply for better rates. Other life insurance companies even let you change and customize your policy.

4. Make Sure You Are Prepared For The Medical Examination

Follow the fasting rule and do not eat anything approximately 8-12 hours before the scheduled time of your examination.

For the weeks before the medical exam, eat meals that would not raise your glucose levels, blood pressure or your heart rate. Leafy greens, grains, grass fed bone broth, and nuts are ideal parts of your diet.

If you are a smoker, make sure to refrain from smoking before the date of your medical examination. It’s best to quit smoking for good. Stay away from liquor about 2 to 3 weeks before your exam, and limit your caffeine intake to only once a day. Don’t forget to get the right amount of sleep.

Once the date of the examination comes, remember not to do exercise. Exercise can raise your blood pressure levels, and you might be classified to have hypertension. Want to ace the medical exam and save hundreds by qualifying for a better policy? Read here.

5. Be Proactive, Purchase A Life Insurance NOW

There’s no better time to purchase a life insurance but now.

Premium rates only get a lot pricier as you age. The life insurance policy might be purchasing in your 60’s might be exactly the same that you could have gotten in your 30’s.  It is best to purchase now while you have not developed any terminal illness or serious medical conditions, or while they are still kept at bay.

It is a wise decision to stop putting off your purchase for the hopes of getting a better rate. There are thousands of cases wherein a client have passed away without getting the chance of being insured. If this happens to you, it will likely leave your family in financial turmoil. Get the coverage today and work on your goal to reduce weight- and you’ll be able to be classified for a better rate.

Get in touch with the Hi BMI team, and let’s get you insured with the right policy.


But, Which Policy is the Best For Me?


Life insurance for obese and morbidly obese will fall into the category of high-risk cases. Your application will likely be classified into Substandard Rates. While more people believe that the heavier you weigh, the more costly your premium could be, you can still find life insurance policies that fit the bill seamlessly. Bottom line is, you must get insured now while you are youngest and healthiest as you can be. You can work on your way to lose weight and reapply for consideration again in the future to lock in a more affordable premium rate.


Term Life Insurance for the obese and morbidly obese individuals are the best options for you if you are trying to cut costs.  You can still get affordable premiums even if other life insurance carriers have declined your application.

Through term life insurance, you will be able to enjoy leniency in substandard health ratings. This is because they no longer ask about your height or weight.

For morbidly obese individuals, you can get term life insurance with substandard rates. These can be costly if you have not shopped around and compared different life insurance carriers. This is why it is very important to work with an independent agent that is not tied to any giant life insurance company. Hi BMI can help you find an affordable yet holistic life insurance policy to get you insured.

In Accidental Death insurance (AD+D) and some small whole life final expense plans, morbidly obese people get the same rates as everybody else because there is no question about height or weight.


But wait, why term life insurance?

To replace a possible income loss

If you are the family breadwinner and you have income-dependent family members, a term life insurance is a viable option. After all, the first probable reason why you wanted to be insured is that you have the desire to find a way to financially secure your family by the time you pass away. How much money do you think your family will need to live a comfortable life and to pay the bills? Do you think it will be enough if there are about 2 people to make a living for your entire family? Will they live a comfortable life like it is when you are still providing them with finances?

Term life insurance is an excellent way to cover potential income losses by the time you are deceased. This is the best way to secure your children of education and to be able to keep the family home.  Covering the human capital, or your ability to bring in finances, term life insurance can support the lost household income. Younger people around their early 20’s to late 40’s need even bigger coverage for the obviously bigger income loss if they happen to pass away early. Meanwhile, folks around their late 50’s up unto late 80’s do not have to bother about it, because they have been retired and are enjoying the harvest of grey-haired years.

In case you are wondering, the best timeframe to replace lost income is 7-12 years of your current earning capacity.  Each person will be assessed by the underwriters of a life insurance company. They will explain to you different brackets classified by age and your potential to earn. This means one thing for all of us, the younger you try to get insured, the easier it will be to get approved.

To Finally Be Set Free From Major Debt Obligations

When we pass away, we have always wanted to secure our own family with a financially sound future. We want our kids to get their diplomas or celebrate every big win they have. We even want to let our family keep the home we have spent all the years and memories with. Most of us, if not all, wanted to keep a legacy when we die. Getting insured is ensuring that your loved ones feel like you are still taking care of them even if you are already on the other side.

The second best reason why you want to be covered with a life insurance policy is to be able to clear off the debts that you once had when you were still alive. There are some types of debts that are voided by the time and date of your passing. While this might be a good conclusion, some debts can be transferable. These debts can be transferred to your spouse and even your children.

A mortgage is an example of a debt that can be transferred to a second entity if you did not have a chance to entirely pay them off while you are still alive. If you are paying your home’s mortgage, how much more money do you think your family still needs to pay off the remainder of the amount? How much do they need every single month to survive the bills and expenses for many other things? Would they be able to eat three times a day and enjoy life without having to juggle three jobs? You might be thinking that it will all be just fine. One thing is for sure, big inflation rates, taxes, a higher cost of living in the next 15 years will likely be a big hurdle for your loved ones.


To Make The Business Acquisition Process Transpire Smoothly

Do you own a thriving business that will be at stake by the time you pass away?

Term life insurance for obese and morbidly obese individuals make the business acquisition process go easier and with fewer worries.

A buy or sell agreement is a contract done between business partners and stakeholders plan ahead about the future of the company if one or more of them pass away before the property is sold or handed down to another entity. A buy or sell agreement is also done to know how to properly divide or dissolve the business in equal merits. Simply put it, the buy and sell agreement determines how the business will thrive in the market and ensures that it goes to the right hands after the original stakeholders are gone.

The buy and sell agreement goes well with term life insurance as the coverage can fend for the business expenses and upkeep as the process go along. Choosing the appropriate policy for this kind of situation depends on the business, type of business, industry and how the company is recognized by the federal law. Once you are wondering how this entire process goes, Hi BMI can walk you through this process together with a legal professional. We help you get your business matters settled lawfully and without the hassle. Talk to us now and let us get you the insurance coverage you need.


Paying Out Your SBA Loans

Small Business Administration Loans are given to individuals who want to start out a small business. Guaranteed by federal agencies, allowing lenders to offer startup owners with flexible payment terms with very low-interest rates. SBA loans are created to give small corporations financial capital with fewer probabilities of being buried in debt.

If you are to start out a business and want to get approved of SBA loan, being insured with a term life insurance policy will increase your chances of being granted your desire to borrow. The process can be painstaking, given that low annual percentage rates make the SBA a great way to start entering the business world. Most lending companies place high regards on loan applicants that are covered by life insurance. This is because they are guaranteed that these people can pay them back the amount they have borrowed.

A good thing to do to cover up your loan’s end date is to use your term life insurance. Match the duration of your term life insurance to the length of the loan, making sure that the remainder will be completely settled out. Lending institutions have different amounts of time they let people borrow. Usually, it does not take that much long, and it depends on the business industry or business model your loan applies for.

It is another smart advice to separate your business and personal life insurance. 

Have not been approved of your life insurance application? Do not worry, it happens. All life insurance carriers can take time before approving someone who applied. If it’s taking too long for you to get approved and your loan date is almost ending, consider getting a no-exam policy. This gets granted to you with the hassle of waiting.


Planning Out A Life After Divorce

Depending on the state law that you are under, some married individuals should have their own life insurance entitled to them as the insured. This is for the benefit of the spouse and the children once the divorce has been settled.

The primary reason is that life insurance policies can support the expenses for the children affected by the split, and pay out the alimony. If the spouse that is bound to give out child support happen to pass away, the ex-spouse will be left with the death benefits to fend for the surviving child or children.

Life insurance for obese and morbidly obese individuals can help settle these monetary matters between a broken marriage amicably. Term life insurance coverage can give out immediate cash to take place of future cash flows.

Get a quote from us, and let’s start working on your approval now!