Lincoln Financial Life Insurance for the Overweight

An Honest Lincoln Financial Review with ‘You’ in Mind
Are you or a loved one overweight or obese? Think you will need to break your bank to access life insurance? Or intimidated with the thought that it’s a one in a million to qualify?
There are many people who think they need to pay an overpriced premium due to their weight issues. You might be one of many who has put off getting a loved one or yourself insured believing this all along. That is not so. Not even close.
Every cloud has a silver lining, we at Hi BMI are here to help you!
You can secure the right insurance policy that fit your needs and budget.
Read on this review to know how and why Lincoln Financial has an edge in life insurance for the overweight.
When looking for a great life insurance provider specifically tailored for you or your loved one, you should have yes answers to the following questions:
1. Is it a well-established company with good standing?
2. Does it have strong financial security?
3. Does it have a competitive selection of products, rates and services?
4. Is it proficient at high-risk underwriting?
5. Does it have good customer service?
6. Does it have a streamlined application and claiming process?
7. Does it provide a venue to build cash value for long-term planning needs?

Where Lincoln Financial has an edge on life insurance and overweight issues
• Great history and standing in the industry
• Dependable financial strength
• Competitive products, rates and services for overweight clients
• Proficient at high-risk underwriting
• Good customer service record
• Streamlined application and claim process
• The venue for growth potential and other long-term planning needs alongside policy

Where Lincoln Financial have to step up more
• Lincoln Financial has great term life insurance and universal life insurance offers. However, it does not offer whole life insurance products.
• Their build chart is for both male and female. On average, men weigh more than women. This build chart could be advantageous for women. However, we would like to see Lincoln add more weight to the men who are applying for life insurance.
• Lincoln Financial tend to be most advantageous to audiences wanting to provide a legacy of security to loved ones left behind rather than ones considering the least cost of the policy to secure final expenses. Thus, they are pricey in that aspect compared to some of their counterparts.
• Lincoln Financial is a huge company with an excellent online presence. But one big area wherein Lincoln needs to step up more would be in offering rate information. However, you can instantly get these rates by HiBMI.
Is Lincoln Financial the right company for you?
They certainly could be the right fit for you. The best way to verify that would be with the help of an objective underwriting expert. Get in touch with one right now. Either hit the button below or use the quote request form available on this page.
Lincoln National Life Insurance History and Standing
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is a well-trusted life insurance provider. It is a subsidiary of Lincoln Financial Group. The only company the world over that carries in its brand the name and image as well as the principles of Abraham Lincoln, having been granted permission by Lincoln’s son. The company was established in 1905 by a group of Fort Wayne business leaders in Radnor Pennsylvania. It has a long track record of more than 100 years in business operating upon honesty, dependability and service. It has accumulated multiple awards throughout the years.
Aside from life insurance, the Lincoln Financial Group has business operations in 3 more segments such as group protection, retirement plan, and asset management. These insurance and investment management businesses are operated through Lincoln National’s subsidiary companies through their locations across the globe. The company later on started Lincoln Financial Foundation. The Foundation engages in philanthropic activities and annually donates over $100 million to communities where they operate.
Lincoln National is a Fortune 500 American holding company with a strong financial track record. It operates as Lincoln Financial Group. It is symbolized LNC as a company publicly traded on the NYSE. The company is ranked 205 out of 500 in the latest Fortune 500 ranking in 2018. It is ranked 220 out of 500 on the Baron’s list. In terms of assets, it is ranked 25. For 2018 alone, its reported net income was $1.6 billion. As of 2018, Lincoln National Life Insurance has a jaw-breaking total of $298.147 billion assets under management.
Lincoln National Financial Strength Ratings
Lincoln National Life Insurance as a leading life insurance company has been regularly assessed by rating companies in terms of financial strength and stability. The most recent strong ratings given by the well-known rating agencies below reflect Lincoln National’s strong commitment and financial management.
Financial Ratings by A.M. Best
In their February 14, 2018 rating of Lincoln National Life Insurance, A.M. Best gives Lincoln Financial an A+ rating (Superior) and ranked them 2nd highest of 16 other leading life insurance companies. This rating affirms Lincoln’s balance sheet strength as very strong in category and stable in outlook. Aside from previously mentioned, AM Best issues this rating based on Lincoln National’s leading market position, favorable business profile, strong operating performance and very strong enterprise risk management (ERM).
Financial Ratings by Fitch
Fitch gives an A+ rating and ranked them 5th highest of 16 other leading life insurance companies with a positive outlook in the latest rating of Lincoln National on January 19, 2018.
Financial Ratings by Moody’s
In their latest rating of Lincoln National on January 19, 2018, Moody’s gives an A1 rating and ranked them 5th highest of 16 other leading life insurance companies with a stable outlook. The A1 rating signifies that the carrier has stability in its financial backing and cash reserves.
Financial Ratings by Standard and Poor’s
Standard and Poor’s gives an AA- rating and ranked Lincoln National the 4th highest of 21 other leading life insurance companies with a stable outlook in its October 10, 2018 rating on Lincoln National. The AA- rating is equivalent to Aa3 rating means the carrier’s obligations are high quality and very low credit risk.
Is Lincoln Financial secure to pay claims in the future?
Definitely yes. That’s two yes for the first two questions. Looking at those eye-popping figures and ratings, it’s not rocket science that Lincoln Financial offers security to claims, yet remain stable in the years to come.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Products, Rates and Services for Overweight Clients
According to the CDC:
• Percent of adults aged 20 and over with obesity: 39.8% (2015-2016)
• Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 71.6% (2015-2016)
Over the years, we noted that Lincoln Financial has considered the prevalence and increase of overweight and obese population in the US. In response, Lincoln Financial has customized their policies to cater to this widening audience. Lincoln National offers clients comprehensive life insurance product options at competitive rates and services. They have the best life insurance for overweight clients.
Lincoln National offers two life insurance options such as term and universal life insurance. They have a wide selection of products that cater to every need and condition. Lincoln National’s wide product selection stand out amongst others in the context of the options they have for each category. One can make the most offers for asset management and universal life insurance.
Term Life Insurance
Lincoln National has term life insurance policies with 5, 10, 15 and 20-year terms at a fixed premium. This is a simple and affordable way to give yourself temporary coverage and at the same time protect your loved ones over a specified period. Once the term has ended, you choose either to stop making payments and stop the coverage, or keep the policy for an additional cost.
There are supplemental riders available for this life insurance policy such as children’s term coverage, waived premium payments if insured becomes disabled or receiving a portion of the death benefit in the instance of acquiring a terminal illness at additional cost to the premium.
Universal Life Insurance
Lincoln National Universal Life Insurance provides lifetime coverage tailored to your desired level of protection. This may allow a chance to build cash value. To build cash value, you additionally give payments over the cost of your policy. The extra money is then placed into an account which has growth potential.
Variable Universal Life Insurance
Lincoln National Variable Life Insurance is a combination of flexible permanent coverage suited to your needs with a number of investment options. It provides you an opportunity to build cash value while providing you flexible premium and benefits in the event of death.
What Best Life Insurance for the Overweight can Lincoln Financial Offer?
No exam life insurance presents as the best life insurance for overweight persons. It is unlike traditional policy wherein you need blood tests and exams with all of the underwriting.
Wondering if overweight people can get a traditional life insurance policy? Well, yes you can!. If you opt for traditional policy, there’s also a way to that.
Do you want to get expert advice on which one is the best fit for you? Hit on the button below and connect to one of our underwriting experts.


Aside from great product offering, Lincoln National assures highly competitive rates. It is known for its affordable premium rates for life insurance.
Will life insurance be more expensive if I’m overweight?
Lincoln National is much more forgiving than you think. Better yet, you can even be approved at a preferred rate. As long your health is in a good state, you don’t smoke and have underlying heart conditions or diabetes, you can secure affordable life insurance at a competitive rate. This goes better with age, as if you’re over 65, you could weigh more and still qualify at preferred rates.

Above all, Lincoln National sets itself above others as they have a detailed resource center where they provide clients with detailed information on what to do and prepare when processing a life insurance claim. The life insurance claim section is clear and client friendly. This makes claim processing as smooth as possible especially one’s a fish out of the water.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Proficiency at High-Risk Underwriting
Lincoln National has very forgiving requirements on their underwriting materials. This is very favorable for clients who are overweight or with certain health conditions in terms of economic value and coverage.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Customer Service
Lincoln National has a good customer service record, having 19 complaints closed in the last 12 months. A total of 52 complaints closed in a span of only 3 years, as reflected in the Better Business Bureau. Majority of these are about claims pertains to policies on employer benefits rather than an individual.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Application and Claim Process
Lincoln National provides life insurance solutions that not only meet your needs but saves time and enhances your experience. They have embraced a modern approach in their application and their claim process as well. The application process is streamlined in order to decrease turnaround times and ensure high-quality order applications. With such, a faster permanent and term policy issue is guaranteed. This also applies to Indexed UL products.
Lincoln National Life Insurance Growth Potential Opportunities
Group protection, retirement plan, and asset management are under the same roof alongside life insurance with Lincoln National. You can easily take care of long-term plan needs with great coverage, terms, rates and cash value growth.
Steps to get Approved with Lincoln Financial
Why get overwhelmed looking all over the web when all you need is three simple steps to getting the best life insurance!
(1) Fill out a quote from HiBMI.
Provide a complete and accurate information.


(2) Determine your needs, your family’s needs and your budget.
Protect your family with affordable Life Insurance. Choose from term durations that meets your needs and budget. Now is the best time to do this!

(3) Let our underwriting experts do the rest!
Our underwriting experts will help you complete your application, they will schedule a nurse to come to your house to go over some health questions, they will handle the underwriting of your case, and finally get your policy documents to you once you are approved.